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Step 1. Install USB Driver software.
Step 2. Install Baofeng BF5R | UV_5R Radio Programming Software
Step 3. Connect USB cable to your PC.
Step 4. Connect USB cable to radio.
Step 5. Turn on Radio.
Step 6. Run program BF5R | UV_5R

USB Windows XP, 2000, Win98 Cable Driver

2012-04-29 version.

Copy to a temp directory and run usb_XP2K09.exe.

usb_XP2K09.exe 3,051,929 bytes

USB Windows Vista, Win 7 Prolific Driver

Copy to a temp directory and run Baofeng-Driver-Vista-Win7.exe.

USB Windows Vista / Win7 Prolific Cable Driver 2011-Sept-12 version.
Win_Driver_Prolific_3.2.0.0.exe 2,065,563 bytes

Some people have problems with the newer Prolific driver on their Win 7 system.
They get 'ERR 10' or flaky operation so we also offer this older Vista driver which works fine in Win 7 too.

USB Windows Vista Cable Driver 2003-April-03 version.
PL-2303_Driver_Installer-1.0.exe 1,410,639 bytes

UV-5R Series (English)

Copy ALL three files into a new directory on your computer and run setup.exe.

Do not use either software for UV-5RA model radios.
The 'A' model has its own software.

Right click on file name and Save Link as... or Save Target As....

2012-04-29 version XXXX 2012-10-25 (NEWOLD) Version
Use on radios bought after Mid Dec 2012
BF5R_CPS.CAB 2,523,748 bytes
XXXX UV_5R.CAB 2,550,385 bytes
setup.exe 139,776 bytes XXXX setup.exe 139,776 bytes
SETUP.LST 3,281 bytes XXXX SETUP.LST 3,302 bytes

Note: There may be a NEWER versions of this software in RAR format on this site.

Installing BF5R | UV_5R Software

Run setup.exe

Clck on Ok

Click on the Computer Button

Click on [Continue]

Click on [Ok]

Running BF5R | UV_5R software

Run program BF5R or UV_5R

Note : Default language for UV_5R software is Chinese.
Menus may appear as chinese text or just ?? Select 2nd from right column and change Menus from ODIA to English if you wish.

Pick menu choice Communication

Select correct comm port for your USB cable.
Click on [Confirm]

Note: UV-5R version has 16 comm ports to chose from.

To download info from radio click on the blue computer icon with the < symbol. under the Program menu or type CTRL+R

Click on [Ok]

Program the radio as you wish.

To upload info to the radio click on the blue computer icon with the > symbol. under the Program menu. or type CTRL+W

Unplug USB cable from Radio.

Exit Program.

Last Revised : Jan 04, 2013