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Step 1. Install USB Driver software for your version of Windows OS.
Step 2. Install Baofeng UV-3R Radio Programming Software
Step 3. Connect USB cable to your PC.
Step 4. Connect USB cable to radio.
Step 5. Turn on Radio.
Step 6. Run program UV-3R


If your Windws operating system is :

USB Windows XP, 2000 or Win98

Copy to a temp directory and run usb_XP2K09.exe.

usb_XP2K09.exe 3,051,929 bytes 2012-04-29 version.
Click on blue link above to download this install program.

Run this install program.

If your Windws operating system is :

USB Windows Vista or Win7

Copy to a temp directory and run Baofeng-Driver-Vista-Win7.exe.

Baofeng-Driver-Vista-Win7.exe 2,065,563 bytes 2012-Sept-12 version

Some people have problems with the newer Prolific driver on their Win 7 system.
They get 'ERR 10' or flaky operation so we also offer this older Vista driver which works fine in Win 7 too.

USB Windows Vista Cable Driver 2003-April-03 version.
PL-2303_Driver_Installer-1.0.exe 1,410,639 bytes
Click on blue link above to download this install program.

Run this install program.

To see which comm. port was chosen for this cable you can plug in USB cable then:

      Control Panel
               Device Manager
                  Ports (COM & LPT)
                     Prolific USB-to Serial Comm Port (COMx)

To see which one is selected. where 'X' is the comm port your USB cable is emulating.

If there is a Yellow ! by this choice you may need to change it to a different port.



Copy the file UV-3R Setup v1.11.exe file into a new directory on your computer and run UV-3R Setup v1.11.exe.

Click on blue link above to download this setup program (2012-04-29 version).

Note: There may be a NEWER versions of this software on this Baofeng web site in .RAR format.

Installing UV-3R Software

Run UV-3R Setup v1.11.exe


Click on [ NEXT > ]

Choose Destination Location

Click on [ NEXT > ]

select program folder

Click on [ NEXT > ]

Start Copying files

Click on [ NEXT > ]

Copying files

Wait till next screen appears to complete install. This will take a minute or so.

Setup Complete

Click on [ Finish ]

There should now be a new icon on your desktop that looks like this. UV3R icon


Connect USB cable to your PC.
You should hear the USB device Connection tones.


Connect USB cable to radio.
Plug into speaker mike socket on upper right side of radio.

Note: The UV-3R and UV-5R require DIFFERENT cables. The UV-3R USB cable is a single pin 4 conductor 3.5mm plug. While the UV-5R has two pins. One 3.5mm the other 2.5mm.


Turn on Radio.
Press the Orange On/Off button


Running UV-3R software

Run program HKT-3R.exe by clicking on the desktop icon. UV3R icon

Select the top menu of Setting

Pick the sub-menu choice Communication Port

Select correct comm port for your USB cable.
Note: Invalid selections are grayed out
Click on [OK]

If you are unsure which port to pick you can goto :

      Control Panel
               Device Manager
                  Ports (COM & LPT)
                     Prolific USB-to Serial Comm Port (COMx)

To see which one is selected. where 'X' is the comm port your USB cable is emulating.

If there is a Yellow ! by this choice you may need to change it to a different port.

To download info from radio click on the blue Arrow / HT icon. under the Setting menu or type CTRL+R

Click on [Ok]

Table will reload with values from your radio.

Program the radio as you wish.
Select in channel row cells

Most have pull down menus when you click on the cell.

To upload info to the radio click on the red computer icon symbol. under the Setting menu. or type CTRL+W then click on [OK]

You can save these radio table values to your PC via the

   Save As

No cable or computer, No Problem, (mostly)

How do I manually program channel memories into UV-3R?

First, get a list of frequencies you wish to program into the UV-3R.

For each channel you will need to know:
● Receive frequency for the repeater.

● PL tone, if needed.

● Offset direction for transmit freq : plus or minus. Zero for simplex.

● Shift value for transmit. Usually 600 kHz for 2 meters, 1.6 or 5 MHz for 70 cm.

Make sure you are in VFO mode for freq band. Display should show NO two digit channel number in top row of display.

In case, press/hold U/V key long enough to get there -- it will cycle through Memory ch mode, UHF VFO, VHF VFO.

SET RX Frequency

To set the receive frequency, lift knob and rotate to get desired value.

For 1 MHz steps (saves some time!), press and release F/A function key (on side of radio), F appears in top left corner of display, then rotate knob by 1 MHz increments.

Press F/A button again to get back into normal frequency setting mode.
F disappears in top left corner of display

From here on, you need to set some menu items.

The sequence for setting menu items is:

● Press Menu key.

● Rotate knob to desired menu item. Sequence is:

   01 RXCODE
   02 TXCODE
   03 SQL
   04 LIGHT
   05 BEEP
   06 VOX
   07 POWER
   08 DW
   09 STEP
   10 OFFSET
   11 SHIFT
   12 STE
   13 W/N
   14 SAVE
   15 TOT
   16 SCANM
   17 RELAYM
   18 BCLO
   19 PRI

● Press U/V key to select that menu for alteration.

● Rotate knob to desired value.

● Press the PTT button to lock in the desired value.

All menu items are set up this way.

Set Step Value (09) STEP

You may need to set the step value to 5 or 10 kHz, as the default is 12.5 kHz (12.5 kHz is the standard in IARU Region 1, that is Europe and Africa). If this value isn't correct certain freqs and offsets may not be selectable.

Set PL Tone TX Value (02) TXCODE

Select the desired PL tone from the TX code menu. See the above sequence for setting up a menu selection. No PL tone is required for simplex channels.

Set TX Offset Value (10) OFFSET

Set the transmit offset to 600 kHz, 1.6 or 5 MHz, as appropriate.

Check your repeater directory for non-standard offsets.

For 1 MHz steps you can use the Function tip described above.

Set TX Freq Shift Direction (11) SHIFT

Set shift to "+", or "-" as appropriate. For simplex, the value is zero.

Test your settings

Pressing PTT should bring up your repeater. If not, check you settings. Just the receive frequency should be enough to hear your repeater. If you have another HT properly programmed, use that to key up the repeater for testing.

If all is well, then ...

Saving Settings in a Channel

To store your setup in memory.

Press F/A button (middle button on left side) F is displayed in upper left corner.

Press U/V button. (F disappears and Channel # appears in top row and blinks)

Rotate knob to desired channel number (you should have made a list),

Press U/V again to store the channel info.

Repeat for all other channels.

If the PL tone, shift, or offset values are the same, you don't need to change them.

Keep a copy of the channel list with your HT, as there are no channel labels with the Baofeng UV-3R , such as are found with other HTs.

How do I reset the radio to factory settings?

Hold down the U/V button while powering up the radio.

Can I operate cross-band?

Yes, it is possible! Use the programming software to record a VHF TX and a UHF RX frequency (or the other way around). Unfortunately this configuration cannot be done via the radio keypad.

This page is based on UV-3R yahoo group FAQ file v.2012-01-27 .

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Last Revised : July 25, 2012